5 Innovations Changing Human Services Right Now

It’s a make-or-break moment for Human Services providers. 

When 2020 began, Human Services agencies across the country were already facing a complex set of challenges: adapting to increased regulation from Managed Care Organizations, trying to attract and retain skilled staff amidst a workforce crisis, and finding ways to digitize data and information across their organization.

Then, overnight, they were forced to completely rethink how they could deliver their services. 

Yet despite the fallout of a global pandemic and the rapid changes needed to survive it, the industry has pushed forward. Companies, old and new, have emerged with new solutions that are changing the industry as we know it. Providers have seized the chance to leverage those products not only to digitize their operations, but completely transform the way they deliver care. 

Here are five innovations that are revolutionizing the Human Services industry.

CareManager by Netsmart

One of the biggest challenges for Human Services agencies implementing new technology into their organization is making sure it integrates easily into their existing systems. Netsmart hopes to ease that transition by offering an “EHR agnostic” solution—their CareManager platform. Designed to coordinate care across a variety of settings, CareManager helps agencies get a comprehensive view into the lives of the people they care for and uses analytics to identify potential gaps in care.

Position Control by DATIS

DATIS is a Florida-based technology company that specializes in HR and payroll software for behavioral health and family services. They’ve seen the obstacles that mission-driven organizations face in managing multiple streams of funding—and reporting on that funding. Their Position Control tool helps streamline structures and gives teams a full view of their workforce. Leveraging the latest in business intelligence software, their platform equips workforces with a “command center” where managers and executives can pull reports, get a quick view of stats, and receive important alerts.

Navigating Life by Waypoint Interactive

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention our own product, Navigating Life! While most solutions choose to either optimize provider operations on the back-end or improve care delivery on the front-end, few do both at the same time. Navigating Life is the exception, providing agencies with a mobile app that is both a robust analytics platform and a private social network where staff and families can share the moments that matter. The app connects the entire organization—executives, staff, families, and loved ones—all in one place while streamlining the reporting process so providers can get the info they need, when they need it.

CareLogic EHR by Qualifacts 

Even with the rise of Electronic Health Records systems across the healthcare network, agencies often find themselves faced with inflexible tools that don’t meet their needs. Qualifacts’ CareLogic EHR platform seeks to change that. Their web-based EHR platform helps agencies make data-driven decisions to boost staff efficiency, improve clinical outcomes, and increase transparency across their organization.

Client Care 2.0 by Solana

Solana has been building software for agencies serving people living with intellectual and developmental disabilities for over 20 years in over 30 states. Their suite of software products focuses on three core domains: Financial Management, Employee Care, and Client Care (now with a new optimized version, Client Care 2.0). In addition, Solana is harnessing data to help organizations reduce staff turnover. Their Workforce Analytics service is designed to give agencies the insights they need to retain staff and maintain a thriving workforce.

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