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Virtual Reality: Close Enough Is Not Enough.

Chances are you’ve never heard of the Sensorama. Invented by American cinematographer Morton Heilig in 1962, the Sensorama required a viewer to sit in a chair, don 3-D glasses, then stick their head into a large box (similar to a vintage arcade game). Inside, the immersed viewer saw a film augmented by stereo sound, physical […]

Job Camp: Empowerment Through Employment And Opportunity. An Interview with Bill Strazzullo, founder of Job Camp.

“I’m a finance guy, financial market guy, ex-Wall Street trader. Don’t hold that against me.” A familiar face to anyone with an eye on the markets or the major financial news programs, it’s easy to think Bill Strazzullo could be doing more lucrative things with his free time than volunteering. But for over three decades, […]

Better Data Clears A Path To Better Care.

“Years ago, it was all pen and paper,” explains a head-shaking Matt Johnson, Vice President of Clinical Services at NuPath, a provider based in Massachusetts. “It still IS in many places,” he adds. “There hasn’t been a drastic change throughout the field in the way behavioral data is collected.”

A pause. “Until now.”