[UN]SHELTERED: Without Walls

Discover the real and raw stories of people living with disabilities.

[UN]SHELTERED explores a cross-section of lives touched by disabilities, revealing a sense of similarity as opposed to difference in the human experience. Unscripted, and with the sole purpose of changing the way the wider world views people living with disabilities, [UN]SHELTERED challenges the viewer to look closely at their own lives and preconceived opinions of equality and social change.


In the Season 1 premiere, travel through the camera lens to examine the daily routine of a support program when the walls come down and the provider gets out of the way.


Check out all 7 episodes of the entire first season on [UN]SHELTERED’s official website.

Friends of mine wonder what their child does during the day. Thanks to Navigating Life I can see my son in action throughout the day.
-Rosemarie, Parent

Hear how Navigating Life is changing lives and how it could change yours.

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