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In a world that feels increasingly connected, we still need to bring people together.

It’s no secret: mobile application technology is booming. Roughly 3 billion people worldwide own smartphones, using between 9 and 10 mobile apps each day and up to 30 each month.

And while thousands of new apps are released every day to solve all sorts of problems, one area (among many) where the power of new technology has not yet reached its full potential is the human services industry. From education to employment to simply helping people achieve a better life, organizations across the U.S. and beyond who serve people living with disabilities are looking to new technologies for solutions.

That’s why Waypoint Interactive exists. As a technology startup dedicated to elevating industry standards in human services, we’re creating products and solutions (like our flagship product, Navigating Life) that do just that. 

But creating new products isn’t enough. We want to be part of something bigger. Because this isn’t just about what we’re doing at Waypoint, it’s about an entire movement of passionate people and organizations that are bringing technology and innovation to human services. The tech boom has changed the world. Now, it’s changing the lives of people with disabilities and those who support them.

The Breakthrough is here to tell their stories.

Breakthrough innovations. Breakthrough moments.

We’re calling this “The Breakthrough” because it speaks to the heart of the two kinds of stories we’re here to tell. First, we want to explore the revolutionary innovations—not just in technology, but in business, education, and all sorts of disciplines—that are changing the way people with disabilities live their lives. Second, and even more critically, we’re here to share the stories of those people whose lives are being changed: the breakthrough moments when a new possibility is discovered and a new way forward is found. 

With so much information flying around at rapid speed, we want to be a trusted source where you can find the information you need. We’re committed to being inclusive, which is why we’re sharing stories and innovations beyond just what we do. We believe in transparency, so we’ll always source where we find our facts. And we strive to bring communities together, meaning we always want to hear from you. 

Some of our stories will bring you inside the world of our Waypoint innovations, including Navigating Life, and how they’re supporting people living with disabilities. But our true purpose is to share knowledge, information, and stories about all of the amazing transformations happening at the intersection of technology and human services. That’s why you’ll also hear about products created by other companies that are having an incredible impact. You’ll learn about cutting-edge research that’s exploring how employment services can be improved. Most of all, you’ll see the stories of everyday people—some living with disabilities, some supporting those who are—and how they’re growing and adapting to a changing world, one day at a time.  

Thanks for reading. We can’t wait to share more stories with you.

Friends of mine wonder what their child does during the day. Thanks to Navigating Life I can see my son in action throughout the day.
-Rosemarie, Parent

Hear how Navigating Life is changing lives and how it could change yours.

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